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I'm Belinda

My role is to make your message clear and memorable.  Need great website content?  A feature article to draw your audience in?  Polished, meaningful memoirs? 

An inspiring public speech? 

Or do you just need to nail that crucial email? 

Let me craft what's on your mind into something people feel lucky to read.  Something which will stay with them.

They'll resonate with your intention.  They'll get you

And you'll get results.



Use a 'storyfied' review like this, to ignite public interest in your last event, and have them queueing for tickets at the next opportunity.  Great for fundraising events, corporate gatherings, concerts... anywhere you want to boost attendance!

Sample review:
Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Feature and Profile Articles

Publish a feature or profile article like this to kick-start a powerful connection of trust and familiarity with future customers. Use it to attract sponsors, develop an affinity with the public or generally drum up patronage.

Consider gifting one to the friend who has everything!

Sample feature:
Kate Nutt, Oracle


Use a series of insider stories to keep your audience coming back to check on you again and again.

Sample series:
Everything I Know About Life, I Learned From My Conductor




Content Writing

You have something valuable to say.  Together, we can say it using your voice, with clarity, charisma and clout.  (Alliteration is optional, although in my opinion it should be used very, very sparingly.)


Here are a few of the things I can do for you:


What People Say

We have been working with Belinda on many projects of different scales and complexities. She is a multi-talented person with extremely high literacy and a virtuoso in composing and reviewing written material at any scale be it a short ad, a newsletter, a complete website or an entire book. Her style covers the full range from poetic through professional to simple English and she has the ability to sense whichever is appropriate. It is a great honor and delight to work with her.

-Csaba Huszty, PhD,
 Inspired Acoustics


Oh my goodness. 

Tears to my eyes. What a gift!  Belinda's writing style is captivating.

-Kate Nutt,
 Kate Nutt Photography


Belinda has blessed us as a charity with her editorial and story-writing skills. Belinda's literary competency, and ability to clearly communicate our intent, makes our items an engaging & impelling read by our potential sponsors and interested parties who visit our site. Her ability to confidently express the vision and mission of our Foundation, is unparalleled. She captures the reader's heart which is the goal of our online presence.

-Maree Pascoe

Communications Manager

Ladybird Care Foundation

Belinda is a gun!  She grasped the concept and enhanced my pitch, so expertly!

Louise Britzman, Dip Perf & Screen Arts, Speech Pathology AHA

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