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There's something about frequent, long term interactions with people from all over the world which enables you to see their different cultural characteristics and mannerisms as a mere vehicle for who they truly are.  And at a certain depth, 'who they truly are' is spookily similar from one obscure corner of the globe to the next.  We are all connected by a few shared attributes which happen to be crucial for empathy, negotiation, tolerance, invention, ambition and security; in other words, crucial for living together on planet Earth.

When you communicate with people at that fundamental level,

you have them.



From an early age I showed an aptitude for music and language... and precious little else.  After a torturous year of piano lessons, violin studies were looking good.  I did the exam and youth orchestra circuit, working my way up to concertmaster and travelling the world as a teenager.  I studied performance violin at university in New Zealand before jumping ship to viola, and have been performing with symphony orchestras in various countries for over 30 years.



Not only do musicians come together from diverse countries and cultures worldwide, but each week we have conductors from different far-flung lands.  Paradoxically, our language barriers are of no consequence when the purpose is communication - not just conversation, though, but a deep, multi-sense recognition of intentions and emotions which are rarely verbally expressed.  The composer speaks with dots on a page, often from a past century.  The conductor interprets, using only gestures.  And the orchestra, as a single telepathic unit, communicates the sum of this human experience to an audience which resonates with full understanding.  

And how do we all do this?

I haven't the faintest idea. 

Benefit to you

The result, for me, (combined with an innate sense of grammar and syntax, and the occasional inventive turn of phrase) is a finely honed ability to understand and translate desires and intentions.     

The benefits of effective communication are boundless, and I am fortunate to have a knack

for it.  My experiences of the consequence of clear, well chosen, accurate expression have given me a firm belief in the mightiness of the pen.  It can:

  • gather fans

  • create empathy

  • produce refunds

  • garner support

  • convert idle observation into sales


Find out how it can transform your cause, starting right now.  Get on the phone or send me a message and together we can create something insightful, persuasive, and influential.

Spread your word.

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